Our Team

Rebecca Ferlotti, Founder and Content Marketing Manager

Rebecca Ferlotti

Rebecca (she/her) is a diehard Clevelander who loves to cook and create charcuterie boards. When she’s not writing at home, she’s traveling the world, having been to 22 countries and 23 states. She has presented her poetry at conferences and in coffee shops, and she has given talks about effective storytelling since 2015. Rebecca is a graduate of John Carroll University twice over: a BA (English) and an MA (Communication Management).

Dave Blue, Editor

Dave Blue

Dave (he/him) is a high school English teacher with a love for language and its nuances. In his free time, he explores the worlds of video games or tries to keep pace with his dog and cat, Zasha and Zuko. He is a graduate of Baldwin-Wallace University (BA in English) where he sang in the men’s chorus.